The Witch's Curse

by Dream Tröll

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Oogernomics Killer! These guys are super fun, like Blind Guardian through a filter of Faith No More. Someday I’ll nod my noggin to this live.
Reuben Consumer
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Reuben Consumer This goddamn album is pure power. It’s the perfect foil to an hour of doom, and honestly perfect for any gear-up moment
Battle for Enki’s Tower is almost as fucking hype as Blood Moon, and all three are worth every quid Favorite track: The Battle For Enki's Tower.
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DoomCore Dream Tröll is the best thing since sliced bread. I dont know how i found this awesome EP but this is the best release this year so far.
Check out also their “The Knight of Rebellion“ i love it.
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No hallowed be thy name, Evil plays her wicked game, She will eat your soul with a pinch of laughter HA HA HA HA!!! And with a heart so dark, Even the brightest sparks, Don't stand a chance to light these caves up Cyrian was livin' a lie, He had once before caught the Witch's eye, And just like that his dream was over. He awoke lynched in rags and chains, In the pitch black, at the center of the maze. With one goal; to find and free Isabella. Only the cursed can be cursed. Listen up boy you've only got one chance, Do as I say whilst under this enchanted romance, What once was a hero's heart will soon be a heart of ice. You'll wretch; you'll squirm to my every command, This curse of slavery, these crushing demands Your body and mind will be torn to shreds, But the pain will make you cry for death. ((Chorus)) Please release me, please release me, I'm not responsible for my father’s hand, Why should I bear this misery and madness? I will accept my fate, at the golden gate, But only once I free Isabella from your evil grasp And kill you where you stand. Cyrian ran like he'd seen a ghost, Spinning left and right down these pitch black corridors, Maybe he was all alone but fear was his only companion. But unknown to him he was the son of an ancient wizard, Who killed the Witch’s son, And his millennial desire to hunt, to curse, to kill began. ((Chorus)) Cyrian kept on moving yard for yard, With darkness and traps at every turn, A test of his courage and endurance, He moves as fast as he can to free himself and his loved one. Well my dear boy, we meet again, How many years do you think it's been? Since we danced this little devil's dance, Again my dear boy you're under my control. Where monsters lurk in the dead of night, fear is your only companion. Thousand souls laid to waste, All for Father's mighty hand, He took from me what cannot be returned, I shall cast the same unto you. Have mercy, don't do it. This is not my cross to bear, Empathise and fight that feeling. She's a mortal in our game, This is far too much to take, And if you kill her, I will surely die. When horrors lurk in the infinite night, fear is your only companion. He kicked and cursed, he fought with himself, The Witch's curse attacked his mental strength, He struggled for hours to the point of collapse, He was powerless to escape her grasp. He could not stop it, he was helpless to resist, The dark arts beckoned, his arm had been twist. Like a zombie stood, he awaits his command, To attack Enki's tower, at the break of dawn. The black magic was too strong, another soul it would take tonight. Cyrian screaming fell through the gaps, Falling further and further into the black. His mind was totally controlled, stuffed into the magic's mold And now he does as he is told. The curse to command was done, wrapped around the Witch's crooked thumb. He marched to Enki's tower, to destroy the King of Valour, As the dead lay rotting either side. They will burn tonight, by my creation’s evil hand. Queen of horror, King of fright, I stalk the night. And there he stood, Ready to burn, All and everything in his way, it's his final day. And there he stood, Ready to kill, All and everyone in his way, it's his final day. Please release me, please release me, He's not responsible for his father’s hand, Why should he endure this misery and madness? He will accept his fate, Destroy the golden gates, In the name of Isabella and banish you to the depths of hell.
Twenty thousand men lay in wait, for today is their day of peril. As the campfires burn out and the crows call the light to prevail. Cyrian bows his head, knelt in the mud, The amulet he holds so dear in his shaking hand. He makes one last plea to his gods, That they may allow him one more day. Generals call the men unto arms, the horses rear up in the air, That sense of the unknown, oh the fear grows. As the men hold back their tears, they hold their shields in the air; Their only source of protection. Generals call the men unto arms, the archers light their arrows, Now they’re deluded with a patriot’s kiss. All you can hear the men shout is; “IN DEATH!”, or ascension. And now the men are ready to die in battle. But Cyrian and his quivering hand, Had been known to easily slay man. He grabbed his trusted sword, As he was summoned by his master. ((Chorus Toils of war have ravaged his mind, Hid away to live a normal life. But The Witch, she played her evil games, Enslaved him until he is slain. But The blood of his enemies drenches his clothes, As he swings his steel to take the heads of his foes. Catapults fire, men are scaling the walls. They’re coming to kill you all.)) “HA HA HA HA! Fire, men, unleash hell!” Swords are sharpened, spears at the ready, The drummer-boy rattles his tune. A mighty flag with the raven of death, Signals the men to the point of no return. ((Pre-chorus But Cyrian was no normal man, Cursed by black magic’s evil hand. Shaped by steel and forged in pain, As he fights to see his love again.)) ((Chorus)) “Charge men; kill them where they stand! Obliterate!” The generals send the men to their deaths, the sound of crushing skull and ripping flesh. The blood flows like a waterfall, the stench of death is unmistakable; horrors of war! As the bodies pile hundreds high, Cyrian runs to the castle door. With one swoop of his hammer it was no more, He climbs to destroy King Enki as the Witch commands. ((Pre-chorus)) Toils of war have ravaged his mind, Tried to hide away to live a normal life. But the Witch she played her evil games, Enslaved him until the day he is slain. But The Blood of his enemies drenches his clothes, As he swings his steel to take the heads of his foes. Cyrian climbs mighty castle walls, He's coming to kill you all!
Blood Moon 07:30
Encroaching darkness all around, His laboured breath the only sound, He grips his sword and prepares to meet his end. The blood drips from his shaking hand, As he does as the Witch commands, As he stands before the great wizard’s chamber. Door shattered in a thousand pieces, He stood there in the gaping hole, His blood red hands they were a-shaking, As he stood before his father. Enki screamed “How long do you think it’s been, Since we stood before one another?“ I see you’re worse for wear, my boy, This witch has really done a number.” Well I’ve seen some things in my time, but this has to be the best, To send my own son and heir to take my head. She’s a fool to test my immortal might, Even with the power of the undead. I won’t kill my son, my dear, I'll remove the curse instead. Finally I’m free from your reign, Finally I’m free from this pain, I just wanna go home to her, Forget about all the pain I've caused. Hold still boy this is the tricky part; Prising the curse from your hero's heart. She'd almost turned it all to black, But your speed and strength managed to avoid fate like that. ((Pre-chorus Run, Run like hell, boy, don’t look back son, She is coming for you. Her evil knows no bounds, it will hunt you down, Cast you into horrors like the hounds of hell, Your soul will pay the ultimate price.)) ((Chorus Darkness, darkness all around, it slowly encroaches now, Spells from the edge of time, to eradicate the light. We must fight hand in hand, to defeat her grasp upon this land, Love and hope will never be conquered by evil.)) The Witch’s curse it had been lifted, by the greater power of his father’s hand. Cyrian turned around, grabbed his sword and ran to his trusty stead. He mounted her saddle, gave an awesome cry and the beast roared up and charged. She moved across the battlefield, obliterating all in her path. The battle for Enki's tower still raged, as they sprinted off to afar. You can still hear the screams of the men, as they die. Tears were streaming from his face, as he clung tighter to the beast, as she began to fly. Cyrian free, fled far away, to a place that he thought he'd be safe, A chance to regain his strength, plan his revenge. ((Pre-chorus)) ((Chorus)) We will never be conquered! No, never by evil! A new blood moon hangs motionless, a dawn the new born early eve, The rays of sunlight decline start to slowly fade behind the new forest, A farmer's hand cups another tiny seed, as he continues relentlessly to sow another yard it’s par the course in this sleepy little village. The oxen frolic in the river a reward for another hard day's work. Children laughing, as they throw stones that skip across the water. The sound of wind chimes tonally along with the blowing, flowing breeze. The air is sweet and light, a blissful dream, no evil lurks in here. But Cyrian could not bear to rest, knowing Isabella was still in the Witch’s evil grasp. He swore upon his sword to remove the head of that wicked bitch, Who imprisoned us in black magic. ((Pre-chorus)) ((Chorus)) He travelled back to the Witch’s lair, to free his love Isabella. But once again the Witch’s spell induced his abeyant slumber. But The Witch stole Cyrian’s heart, to avenge her son, as Enki killed him. So he endures this endless torture, ‘Cos she could not kill him.


released February 2, 2018


all rights reserved



Dream Tröll Leeds, UK

Making the OLD sound NEW again - Keeping the spirit of old-school METAL alive

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